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Our mission is the planning, delivery and construction of base-load-capable biomass power plants - worldwide!


Renewable raw materials and biogenic residues will make a significant contribution to a demand-oriented power and heat supply in the future. They form the basis for a functioning energy mix, which is indispensable if we want to meet the challenges of the energy turnaround.


Our highly efficient syngas power plants supply control energy and can be used in a variety of ways: As pure process heat plants or combined with CHPs to generate electricity. Our innovative concepts ensure the future viability of our company, which is steeped in tradition: local authorities, industries and agriculture benefit from opportunities for waste reduction and cost-optimised energy supply that is eligible for subsidies. Our portfolio also includes the creation of circular value chains, for example by making use of residual materials whose spreading or dumping is increasingly being prevented. These are returned to production cycles in the form of energy or materials. This includes as well the separation of valuable gas components such as hydrogen or carbon for industrial processes and mobility.


Especially in Germany, as everywhere in Europe, the climate-neutral generation of gas, electricity and heat from biomass is experiencing a renaissance. Become part of our success story - here you will find all the information on the shares traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


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Corporate News

09.06.2016 | Zeichnungsscheine / Subscription Forms
24.05.2016 | Festlegung des Aktienpreises / Price for new shares

Price for new shares set at EUR 7,00

20.05.2016 | Aktionärsinformation zur Bezugsrechtsausübung / Direct subscription via download documents
18.05.2016 | Kapitalerhöhung / Investors Presentation [ENG]
22.03.2016: Prospectus for the Public Offering and inclusion to trading on the non-regulated market (Entry Standard of the Stock Exchange approved.)


22 March 2016

Prospectus for the Public Offering and inclusion to trading on the non-regulated market (Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange approved:

Today, The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) approved the planned capital increase from 1.5 million to 2.5 million shares, together with the inclusion to the Entry Standard at Frankfurt Stock Exchange. As well, AFM sent the according notification to Germany's Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, the BaFin.

The proceeds from the planned increase of capital will be used for projects and joint ventures in South East Asia and China for significant emission reductions and decentralised power generation. 

Especially China's authorities are interested to foster targeted investments in order to lower carbon footprint and dust emissions.

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17.03.2016: Japan – Grand Opening of the Kesennuma Wood-Based Biomass-to-Energy Plant Built by A.H.T.

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Kesennuma, 17 March 2016

During this memorable Friday, another A.H.T.’s gas and power generation plant experienced its official grand opening in Kesennuma, a town located at the North Pacific shoreline in the Northern part of Japan’s main island, Honshu. With a capacity of 800 kWel, the plant utilises wood remains from the surrounding forestry and is able to support 1,500 households with electricity and two hotels with heat. The plant already proved its performance of so far 8,000 hours in operation.

After the Tsunami hit Japans Pacific shoreline in 2011, Mr Takahashi, owner and operator of the plant, followed his goal towards a decentralised and independent sustainable power supply for his home town – which now became reality. As member of the local reconstruction committee, he initiated Japan’s only functioning biomass-to-energy plant of that size based on the efficient and proven A.H.T. twin-fire technology. Not only the environmentally friendly power generation, but also the diversification of the local economy contributes to the success and the opportunities deriving from sustainable power and heat generation: Kesennuma’s economy bases largely on fishery that declined during the 2011 event and now experiences a growth by the activities of a sustainable forest management and logistics to supply the plant with the required input material.

The event was attended by the mayor of Kesennuma, alongside with members of the prefecture’s local government and major companies active in the fields of sustainable power generation.

“This gas, heat and power generating plant serves as a role model for the region – not only demonstrating A.H.T.’s competence in clean gas and power generation solutions but also shows the economic and social implications, decentralised power generation bears”, stated Mr Gero Ferges, CEO of A.H.T. Syngas N.V. and Mr Masaki Takahashi.



07.03.2016: Commissioning of Biomass Gasification Plant

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Malaysia – Cooperation with FutureNRG enters next stage: Show case plant successfully cold commissioned

Kuala Lumpur, 07 March 2016

FutureNRG and German based A.H.T. Group have sparked up the 200 kWel biomass gasification plant this week. The inauguration took place at Seremban Tech Valley, some 50 km South-East of Putrayaya. FutureNRG Sdn Bhd is a renowned Malaysian technology integrator & project developer of waste-to-energy and waste-to-resource projects, and a strategic partner and shareholder to A.H.T.

The start up was attended by members of Malaysia’s Investment Development Authority MIDA. The core units of the installation, particularly the gasification and gas treatment units, had been successfully cold commissioned, with final commissioning scheduled in April.

Due to good market prospects in Southeast Asia, the plant serves as showcase for clients in the region and beyond. Biomass, deriving from plantation residuals and other renewable bio-resources, serves as a fuel locally available for subsequent power and heat generation. A.H.T.’s medium sized gasification plants reduce transport cost and are a substitution for environmentally disadvantageous diesel generators commonly in use in remote areas.  This will help to close the gaps in electricity supply for decentralised regions and municipal areas.

“Both companies will contribute to a better electricity supply for small municipalities in rural areas and will reduce accumulated bio waste and its subsequent fouling gases” stated Mr. Gero Ferges, Managing Director of A.H.T. and Dato' Wong Swee Yee, FutureNRG’s Managing Director. “Numerous waste management entities, independent power suppliers and plantation companies already showed their interest and this plant will surely affirm their trust in A.H.T.’s clean and efficient gasification technology”, they added.

Interested parties are welcomed to test the technical and financial viability of their waste to energy concept. A.H.T. Syngas Technology together with its partner will jointly work out  reliable gas and electricity outputs as a proof to commercial viability and financing options to realize rural/decentralized power.





17.08.2015: FITTERS kooperiert mit AHT SYNGAS Technology N.V.

FITTERS setzt auf Clean solutions von AHT

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27.07.2015: Neuer Investor für AHT SYNGAS Technology N.V.

Pressemitteilung anlässlich Einstieg eines neuen Investors

23.05.2014: Änderung des Firmennamens in AHT SYNGAS Technology N.V.

Die Firma AHT Syngas wird im Bereich der dezentralen Energieerzeugung tätig sein.