Our mission is to plan, build and manage decentralised power plants worldwide, from compact, biomass-powered container solutions for agriculture to medium-sized electricity generation plants intended for jungle environments.

For us, the commercial competitiveness of our plants when compared to conventional power plants will always be a primary concern. We do not use raw materials that could be used for food or the manufacture of other materials. We ensure optimum levels of efficiency, regardless of application.


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Corporate News

17.08.2015: FITTERS kooperiert mit AHT SYNGAS Technology N.V.

FITTERS setzt auf Clean solutions von AHT

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27.07.2015: Neuer Investor für AHT SYNGAS Technology N.V.

Pressemitteilung anlässlich Einstieg eines neuen Investors

23.05.2014: Änderung des Firmennamens in AHT SYNGAS Technology N.V.

Die Firma AHT Syngas wird im Bereich der dezentralen Energieerzeugung tätig sein.